About Us- My Mission & My Passion

Erica Hopkins's Holistic Alternatives- Improving your Health and Wellness!

It's tough making new lifestyle changes! I get it! It can be overwhelming sometimes. But the truth is, what we DON'T know can hurt us and our family! We are bombarded with chemicals and toxic overload on a daily basis. From the processed foods we eat, to chemicals in our soaps, lotions, cleaners, candles, dish soap and clothes detergent! Not to mention the deadly side effects of pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs! These toxins set up in our cells and over a period of time can cause disease and health issues! Sometimes we notice side effects right away and other times, it can take a few years to catch up with us. But IT WILL eventually! We do have a choice to make. Substitute toxic products with all natural products! There are NO side effects but TONS of Health benefits! 

   I am adding new products to my line on a regular basis.I can customize your product for YOUR health needs. I am not a doctor or licensed physician but I have rigorously studied and researched on Young Living essential oils and their healing properties!  And I have learned by making my own holistic remedies for myself and my family! I have Tried-and-True recipes that work!! I am not building a Young Living business nor do I work for Young Living. I am living a healthy lifestyle by implementing my knowledge of what I have learned. I want to pass that on to you. My passion is putting that knowledge into my products for those who want to live ABOVE the line of Wellness. My passion is for those who can't afford expensive healthcare insurance. My passion is for those who struggle. Those who not only live paycheck-to-paycheck but for those who live day-to-day as well. My passion is to help those who are struggling financially and those who have serious side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. I have a deep compassion so strongly for these people who can't buy groceries because they have to spend their money on pharmaceutical or over-the-counter drugs that will cost them their health!!!!